Updated: April 12, 2018

*Tentative Information Regarding Days Out and Options to Make up Lost Instructional Time Beginning April 6, 2018

(*All decisions are subject to verification/approval by the Board of Education and Oklahoma State Department of Education Regional Accreditation Officer.)

How did we determine how many extra days are built into the district calendar?

Instructional Days 170 x 6.25 hours = 1062.5

Professional Days (Max we can claim is 30 hours) 30.0

Parent Conferences 12.0

Total hours = 1104.5 Hours

1104.5 – 1080 (State required amount of hours) = 24.5 (The amount our district is over the required hours)

Days Used by LPS Prior to Walk-Out and Time Remaining:

2 ice days x 6.25 = 12.5

1 flu day x 6.25 = 6.25

Total = 18.75

24.5 – 18.75 = 5.75 hours Remaining After this week’s absences. Six (6) hours are needed to count for a full day.

Summary of What this All Means:

The first three days of the work stoppage on April 3, 4, and 5 will be replaced by using April 27, May 4, and May 11.

All future absences (after and including April 6) will be made up by adding either minutes to the day or days to the year. Most sites will only have to add a few minutes to make up for April 6, 2018. Three sites will possibly have more minutes to make up due to closures earlier in the year for emergencies. No one can predict exactly how this will unfold until we know when the work stoppage ends.

Staff has expressed a preference for adding minutes as the first option to make up missed instructional time. 

Information regarding 12 month employees starting Friday, April 6:

1.If the work stoppage continues Friday April 6th, all 12 month employees should report to their usual work location at their usual time.

2.Beginning Friday April 6th, during the work stoppage 12 month employees have the opportunity to return to work or use the appropriate leave. Leave policies have been attached for your convenience. http://5il.co/33uu

3.Supervisors will hold informational department meetings upon employees return to work. 

Contact your legislator TODAY! 

Find your legislator here.

Here is a list of our #LawtonPS Legislators:
Senator Randy Bass: bass@oksenate.gov
Senator Chris Kidd: kidd@oksenate.gov
Representative Rande Worthen: rande.worthen@okhouse.gov
Representative John Montgomery: john.montgomery@okhouse.gov 
Representative Scooter Park: scooter.park@okhouse.gov
Representative Jeff Coody: jeff.coody@okhouse.gov

Information for staff, families and community members

Parent Information Sheet for Possible Work Stoppage

Information for Possible Work Stoppage For Principals Meetings March 16, 2018  

Work Stoppage Recommendation Statement Board of Education March 29, 2018

Board of Education Meeting March 29, 2018 VIDEO

Letter from LPS Superintendent Dr. Tom Deighan

LPS Feeding Program Locations (pending Work Stoppage) UPDATED 04/11(Sites will open for Breakfast 8 am - 9 am and Lunch 11:30 am – 12:30 pm) 

Due to low attendance or zero participation, these LPS feeding sites will be closed: Eisenhower Elementary, MacArthur Middle School, Pioneer Park Elementary, Tomlinson Middle School Whittier Elementary, Washington Elementary and Woodland Hills Elementary. These sites will not open tomorrow. Adams & Crosby Park Elementary will serve lunch only. Each closed site has listed an alternative feeding location near their site. It will be posted on the entry door of the school.

Any child under 18 will eat for free.

Approved Statement from the LPS Board of Education

March 12, 2018 Regular Meeting 

The Lawton Public Schools Board of Education and Administration hereby call upon the Oklahoma State Legislature to swiftly and decisively pass legislation to restore funding to schools and to increase educators’ pay. We acknowledge that a majority of Oklahoma legislators have shown a willingness to cross party lines as they seek real solutions to the current crisis in education due to teacher shortages, unfunded mandates, and continuous budget cuts in recent years. We acknowledge and appreciate your hard work to serve the children of this great state. Nevertheless, a small number of Oklahoma legislators have chosen to play politics at the expense of our children. We demand that you work with your colleagues to find a solution for the crisis facing our public schools. You must act swiftly and decisively. If you fail to act, teachers across the state will feel compelled to take drastic actions, and you will bear that responsibility. As the Lawton Public Schools Board of Education and Administration, we support our teachers and will respect educators’ decisions as they take a stand for our children. We will do everything legally and ethically possible to support you, for your cause is our cause. We will also work tirelessly with our parents and community to intervene on your behalf, to speak on your behalf, and to fight for public education. Whatever may come, we will walk through this storm together

Issues relating to the provision of instructional and related services to students with disabilities pursuant to the IDEA.

Information Regarding FAPE, IEP/Re-evaluation timeline and Testing can be found on the Oklahoma State Department of Education's website. Click here for more information and read items 5, 6 and 7.

LPS Staff Work Stoppage Poll:

(*If you are an LPS employee and you are having issues taking the polls, please click this link for more instructions. To set up your email on your phone: iPhone or Android

There have been several questions about the results of the staff polls taken daily this week. We wanted to share some information in hopes of answering as many as we can.

The results are shared daily and immediately after the poll closes at 5 p.m. each day. These results are posted below.

In order to ensure all staff members have their voice heard and maintain continuity in communication from the district, results will be posted after the polls close and not as the poll is live. This is to ensure transparency with all stakeholders - staff, students, parents and community members at the same time.

We appreciate staff taking the time to answer each poll daily and will continue to work hard for our staff, students, parents and community! Thank you.

March 27th Poll: Proposed Plan

March 29th Poll: Question and Result

April 2nd Poll: Question 1 and Result

                       Question 2 and Result

April 3rd Poll: Question 1 and Result

                      Question 2 and Result

April 4th Poll: Question 1 and Result

                      Question 2 and Result

April 5th Poll: Question 1 and Result

                       Question 2 and Result

April 8th Poll: Question 1 and Result

             Question 2 and Result

April 9 Poll: Question 1 and Result

                   Question 2 and Result

April 10th Poll: 

(*Please note a punctuation correction was made to Option 1. It created a third color. Both Blue and Yellow Options reflect 82.5% - "LPS should not conduct class on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.") 

April 11th Poll: 

Poll results: April 12th