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Oklahoma Academic Standards- ELA

LPS ELA Pacing

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Grade-Specific ELA Standards

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School Libraries

Library Resources

Getting Started with 

Helpful ELA Sites

ABC Organizer
Brainstorming tool to help readers make a connection to a specific topic using the alphabet. Can be visual representations or words.
Cause and Effect Chart Template for Cause and Effect 3-12
Closing Reading Acronym Visual representation/description of Close Reading.Great to put in a journal or post in a classroom. 3-12
Close Reading Annotation Guide Brief description of how to annotate when reading a text. 6-12
Close Reading Investigation Pretend you are a crime scene investigator and must deeply investigate a crime scene/text in order to uncover deep comprehension. 3-12
Close Reading Guide Bookmarks Bookmarks for students to keep while they are reading to guide close reading. Prints in a set of 4. 6-12
Concept Ladder Graphic Organizer to help brainstorm a topic
Idea Cluster Graphic Cluster example for word association K-12
Inference and Prediction Lesson idea for teaching the difference between prediction and inference. K-8
Teaching Text Structure Describes 7 common text structures and gives examples for how to better teach in the classroom. K-8
QAR Stems Resource on creating “Hot Questions” PPT K-5
OK Digital Resources Grades K- 12 high-quality, interactive teaching resources. K-12
Writers Workshop Broken Arrow Public Schools Elementary Resource Website for Parents and Teachers. PK-5
Exercises at Grammar Bytes Grammar exercises, videos,etc. Upper levels elem.
Middle school
Raft Strategy  1-12 All subject areas
Reading Runs Fiction or Nonfiction/Reading Program 6-8
Cognitive Reading Strategies Strategies with Starters PDF K-8
101+ (mostly Free) Online Resources Online resources for all subject areas and grades K-12
http://www.readwritethink.org/ Student Interactive, resources, activities K-12
http://www.theteachersguide.com/bookactivities.html Worksheets, lesson plans, interactive 1-12 math and ELA
www.teachers.net Lesson plans, teacher chat boards K-12
www.readingquest.org Strategies for reading, writing, organizing, discussion, and vocabulary in Social Studies (and all subjects) K-12
www.cherylsigmon.com Balanced Literacy and 4 Blocks Model K
Grades 1-3 with modifications
printable worksheets, interactive activities, theme units, and much more
All subjects
library of lesson plans to provide inspiration for seasoned educators, guidelines for new teachers, and a wealth of ideas for everyone K-12
www.nwrel.org –search ‘writing’ PK-12
http://www.writingfix.com Strategically designed lessons to help teachers who don’t enjoy teaching writing. K-12
http://www.thewritingsite.org/ - Great site for writing ideas and assessments suggestions 5-12
Finds rhymes, synonyms, adjectives, and more 3-12
www.synonym.com Search for Synonyms 3-12
www.antonym.com Search for Antonyms 3-12
Search for definitions, word origins, & more  3-12
www.etymonline.com  Search for definitions, word origins, & more 3-12
http://volweb.utk.edu/Schools/bedford/harrisms/spotlight.htm - Great for ideas for teaching figurative language. 3-12
http://www.mrsperkins.com/dolch.htm Great for work with sight words for lower grades K-2
http://www.edhelper.com Library of worksheets and no prep teaching resources. The homework site for teachers. PK-12
Formative Assessment Guide 52 Ideas for formative assessments in the classroom K-12
Narrative Elaboration Writing With Design  2-12
Narrative Sequencing Design Writing With Design  K-12
Paraphrasing & Summarizing Strategies Writing With Design 2-12
Summarizing Steps Writing With Design 1-12
Animal Sight Book Writing with Design 
Goes w/ Summarizing Steps
Text Talks
Lessons that walk you through questions to ask to teach vocabulary  K-12

3-12 ELA BLUEPRINTS & Testing Item Specs


Please be sure to reference the writing resources for grades 5th & 8th. Constructed response exemplars are available. Writing rubrics are also available. Go to http://sde.ok.gov/sde/assessment-material for details on how these papers are scored.